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Cure Blindness Technologies (CBT): A social enterprise dedicated to our vision of a better world with accessible care.

Daphne is a first step on our mission to sustainably democratize care and first-class medical infrastructure. We trust in competent engineering and reliable results. We believe in putting people first and to have the courage for bold goals.

To eradicate unnecessary suffering, empower individuals, and help communities prosper we continuously ask: How can we truly make healthcare accessible? How to effectively deliver care and essential medicines to the world?
Our Management

Jan Moritz Gerbracht

Managing Director & Organizational Lead

Jan has worked in various industries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the USA. Driven by his passion for sustainable value creation and societal advancement Jan values clear communication and reliable teamwork.


 Jan's experience largely spans healthcare, education, and digitalization. Competencies include management, sales, product and business development, and research.


In university Jan studied neuroscience and physics, receiving several academic honors and graduating summa cum laude. 

At CBT Jan assumes the organizational lead, ensuring all processes run smoothly and that operative steps meet strategic requirements.

Don R Yancey

Managing Director & Technical Lead

Don looks at a wealth of experience spanning several regions and industries.


Don was technical writer and consultant for Sony and Oki Electric in Tokyo as well as for IBM in Taipei. He did research on small scale industry in Ecuador and marketing for Coca Cola Ltda. and McIlhenny Company in Brasil. Don also lectured international marketing at several universities in the US.

Notable are Don's many years of sustained efforts researching ophthalmic systems and working experts in the field to pursue his passion for better medical equipment.

At CBT Don leads all things engineering, bringing an extraordinary amount of energy and ideas to our team.

William Abell

Managing Director & Financial Lead

Bill is a widely recognized expert in international accounting. Many years providing financial services for the public and private sector have shaped much of his expertise. As such, Bill has worked as an international CPA, regional controller, and staff auditor. Additionally, Bill has led his own tax advisory firm, continuing to consult various clients and providing valuable services for corporate and private clients.

Bill's international practice has allowed him to build a strong network, and a reputation for reliable quality.

At CBT Bill is head of finance, responsible for partner relations, fundraising, and ensuring overall sound financial operations.

Advisory Board



Dr. med Julian Magometschnigg

Coming from a family of physicians, Julian has early on been surrounded by medical professionals and quickly found his own love for the medical field. Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Julian concluded his studies at Semmelweis University in Vienna. Julian is passionate about bringing innovation and progress to a field traditionally rather reluctant to adopt new technology.


Speaking from practical experience, Julian has worked in various medical branches at Klinik Favoriten, one of Vienna's largest hospitals with over 700 beds. During his training Julian has also worked in ophthalmology at the university clinic in St. Pölten.

Medical Advisor





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