How to use Daphne to save costs, and advance your business?

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Daphne is a 21st Century pocket size instrument
providing real-time analysis, auto documentation, integrated patient ID, and data management easy to use for everyone.
Daphne takes several FDA approved measurements in one fully automatic procedure to detect disease in both eyes.  
Fully automatic measurements include higher order refractions for astigmatism as well as high definition retinal images.


Reasons to try Doctor Daphne.

1. Provide a clinical-grade health check.

Consult customers with ease, convincingly fast.

Daphne takes seconds. No clinical setup or procedure.

2. Offer essential medicine and treatment.

Dispense and promote eyewear, conveniently fast and easy. 

Prescribe medicines, furnish essential care and quality referrals.

3. Advanced, fully automatic 21st Century technology.

Benefit from detailed results and reliable medical-grade data.

Auto patient recognition, full documentation and record retrieval.


4. Promote your store, increase sales and market reach.

Advertise your 21st Century store and reach out with Daphne.

The protective Smart Bag holds essential products and support.

5. Save space, costs, and staff requirements.

Easy-to-use Daphne reduces overall workload.

Everyone can use Daphne, save money and valuable time.


The heart

 of better solutions.

ISO spec manufacturing for certified results

Production of Daphne is strictly ISO compliant.

Development partners are ambitiously selected.

FDA validated and CE certified

Before any partnership testing we guarantee safety and reliability.

Our non-invasive measurements are rigorously tested and validated.

Field-tests and individual familiarization

Our early partnership program allows you to design Daphne with us.

Experience all benefits and seamless ease accelerate your business.

Join our early partnership program.

To support compatible partners we encourage you to try Doctor Daphne for free. Set up a personal meeting with our management to share your daily needs and challenges. We are working diligently to create a Doctor Daphne you love. Let's succeed together.

Become an early supporter of Doctor Daphne to take full advantage of unique 21st Century technology and its tangible impact. Cure Blindness Technologies offers joint ventures to enter target markets, and collaborate on development goals.

Special perks include impact-effective CSR, high-return preferred shares, shared distribution/sales profits, and eligibility for exclusive Daphne market rights.

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