How can Daphne improve outcomes and advance your business?

Try Doctor Daphne for free and see for yourself.

Daphne is a 21st Century pocket-size refractor providing HD retinal images, auto documentation, real-time analysis, patient identification, and data management. Easy to use for everyone.
Several FDA approved measurements in one fully automatic procedure detect disease in both eyes. 
Most notably Daphne detects glaucoma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and irregular astigmatism.


Reasons to try Doctor Daphne.

1. Provide a clinical-grade health check.

Consult clients with ease, convincingly fast.

Daphne takes seconds. No clinical setup or procedure.

2. Offer essential medicine and treatment.

Dispense and promote eyewear wherever you are. 

Prescribe medicines, furnish care and quality referrals.

3. Fully-automatic 21st Century technology.

Benefit from detailed results and reliable medical-grade data.

Auto patient recognition, full documentation and record retrieval.


4. Promote your work and increase market reach.

Advertise your 21st Century store and reach out with Daphne.

The protective Smart Bag holds essential products and support.

5. Save space, costs, and staff requirements.

Daphne reduces workloads and saves valuable time.

Using Daphne is also super affordable: Only $1 per day.

Join our partnership program.

To support compatible partners we encourage you to schedule a personal meeting with our management. We look forward to learn about your store or clinic. Understanding your work and daily needs helps us create a Doctor Daphne you love. Together, we do it.

You'd like to benefit even more?

Learn how to support Doctor Daphne and become a development partner. Cure Blindness Technologies offers the opportunity to enter target markets and collaborate on development goals. Take full advantage of 21st Century technology and its tangible impact.

Special perks include impact-effective CSR, high-return preferred shares, shared distribution/sales profits, and eligibility for exclusive Daphne market rights.

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