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Support truly relevant ideas

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German leadership for a strong team with oversight and precision.


35+ years experience in electronics, optical engineering and instrumentation.

Chief Scientist

17 years development

leadership for Humphrey Instruments and ZEISS.

Co Director

30+ years experience as a business leader and financial consultant.

Our Team

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At Cure Blindness Technologies we continuously ask a simple question: How to make healthcare truly accessible? How to effectively deliver care and essential medicines to the world?

Doctor Daphne is an advanced medical instrument to fully automatically detect disease and measure H.O. aberrations. In particular glaucoma, irregular astigmatism, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Daphne is easy to use and widely affordable for a basic $1/day. 

Our development and engineering is based in the heart of Europe, with competent partners in Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany. Emphasizing a global perspective on care we focus on social impact with respect to disease, inaccessible healthcare, and pandemics.

We make a promise for accessible clinical standards, affordable to the individual. It's a passion for sustainable solutions, an extraordinary pride in first-class results, and meticulous attention to detail that uniquely describes the core team of engineers and visionary entrepreneurs that chaperone CBT. 


We have a vision at heart, a solution in mind, and together we do it.

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Proven Technology,

built on previous work.

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A billion dollar opportunity: Necessary growth for better care. 

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We trust in competent, reliable Partners.

Doctor Daphne



a Physician

and his office

in the palm

of your hand.

10 X


10 X


10 X


Logo 1-2.png

Cure Blindness Technologies, LLC

75-5749 Kalawa Street

Kailua Kona, HI 96740

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