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Cure Blindness Technologies has a vision at heart and a product at hand. It is a simple question that was continuously and observantly asked: How to make care accessible? How to deliver essential medicine to the world?

While manufacturing in the heart of Switzerland, CBT emphasizes a global perspective on care. A focus on comprehensive and integrated solutions for diagnostics and treatment that allow to alleviate not only present shortcomings, but further the system as a whole. 


It is passion, an extraordinary pride in first-class quality, and meticulous attention to detail that uniquely describe the core team of engineers and visionary entrepreneurs that chaperone CBT.

Doctor Daphne is a diagnostic instrument that enables highest clinical standards and service quality, while being sufficiently automatized and comprehensively applicable, not to require elaborated training, nor to pose any usage restriction. We make no compromise in quality. Instead we make a promise for performance and affordability.

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Proven Technology,

built on previous work.

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A multi billion dollar opportunity: Necessary growth in healthcare. 

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